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Title: You can call me when the clocks hit midnight
Pairing: Paul Bettany/ Robert Downey Jr.
Rating/ Warnings: PG-13
Words: 667

Notes: Again with the tame, and it's really heavy on the dialogue, which you would expect from a phone fic. So I'll shut up now.

This time, he had snatched the phone up as soon as he saw the New York prefix, and he had purred a hello, hoping to God that he wasn't wrong and that it was indeed Paul on the other end. Thankfully it was, and Robert moved to his spot in the kitchen while Paul still laughed at the greeting.

“I'm in the kitchen, by the way. Close to the caffeine again and more importantly, close to the cigarettes.”
“I'm in the kitchen as well. But I don't smoke.”
“You don't? Thought you did.”
“Not anymore.”
“Good for you. I turn into a homicidal maniac when I try to quit, so now I'm only ruining my own health. Works better that way.”
“There are worse addictions.”
“Speaking out of experience?”
“One might assume.”

“You make everything sound vaguely dirty.”
“Do I?”
“Even those two words. It's amazing. They're just two innocent words, and here I am, wanting to loosen my tie and open the top button of my shirt.”
“Are you wearing a suit?”
“And now you're asking what I am wearing?” Robert tsked. “There just are no hidden agendas with you, hmm?”
“You pushed me into that.”
“Oh, no. That wasn't me pushing, honey. Me pushing looks different.”
“And what might pushing look like then?”
“Wouldn't you want to know.”
“I might.”

“You don't have many inhibitions, do you?”

“You're not the first I'm having these conversations with.”
“Ouch, I'm slightly hurt. How am I doing then?”
“Compared to whom?”

Robert could hear the smirk.

“Ouch again. Maybe I should do the Australian accent, would that turn you on?”

Paul laughed quietly at that and Robert found himself pressing the phone closer to his ear.

“Not everything I say sounds dirty.”
“Hmm. Try me.”
“I can safely assume that I sound perfectly normal when talking about my kids, for example.”
“You got kids. How interesting, Paul. But so not what I wanted to talk about.”
“Now you're being...”
“You're smiling that crooked smile and raising an eyebrow. I can hear that in your tone.”

Robert laughed.

“How very perceptive of you”
“Thank you.”

“No secrets, either, hmm? I like that.”
“Oh, lots of secrets. What fun would it be without?”
“True. So very true.”

“About that comparison.”
“You're very competitive, Robert.”
“So I've heard. You haven't answered yet.”
“The how are you doing question?”
“The compared to whom question.”
“Ah, that's another secret. Since you like them so much.”
“You're a fucking tease.”
“I've been told so, yes.”

“I'm in so much trouble right now,” Robert laughed.
“As long as you like this kind of trouble...”
“This trouble I can work with, mate.”

Paul was quiet for a moment, but then laughed low.

“You're good at accents.”
“Thank you. I can do an Italian accent as well. And a German one, but I was told I sound Dutch then. And insane, so I'll spare you.”
“Thank you. How very kind of you.”
“You're welcome. Hey, can I call you Jarvis? That just now sounded exactly like him.”
“No. But you can call me either Paul or give me a pet name again, love.”
“I might if you call me back later, honey, daddy's gotta run now.”
“I propose a reschedule for tomorrow then.”
“Whatever you manage to squeeze into your busy calendar. You know you can call me anytime with that voice of yours.”

Robert hung up and placed the phone on the cradle. He briefly contemplated getting another handheld, but then dismissed it with a smirk. There were worse addictions than nicotine after all, and he was not going to indulge in this one.

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