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Title: The River so Dark, the Night so Quiet
Pairing: Sherlock/ John
Rating/ Warnings: PG
Words: 3,317

Notes: For [info]loreley_se who once upon a time commissioned a Sherlock Holmes story when I offered myself as a writer for charity. I did not forget but I liked nothing I wrote. So, here it is now. I moved it from movie!verse Holmes to BBC Sherlock, but I have this feeling that she won't mind. <3 Enjoy, hon.

It wasn't that Sherlock hadn't done this before, oh, he had, on one memorable occasion Sherlock had been missing for over a week (9 days, 14 hours, and John had told himself often enough that he hadn't been counting, yet he had been). )
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Title: What You Wish For
Pairing: RDJ/ Jude Law
Rating/ Warnings: PG
Words: 1,217

Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] mashfanficchick who bid on me in [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti. :D I hope you'll like it and thank you so much again!

Robert was gleeful, and that couldn't be too good. Not that Jude did not want him happy, no, happy was fine. But gleeful? That's when Jude knew he had to watch his back. )
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Title: Three Songs
Pairing: RDJ/ Jude Law
Words: 705

Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] silme711 who requested a Christmassy Robert/ Jude in my "Stories instead of Christmas Cards" poll. <3

Three Songs, RDJ/ Jude Law, 705 words. Christmassy. )
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Title: Of Normal Days and Not So Normal Ones
Pairing: Perry/ Harry
Rating/ Warnings: PG-13 maybe.
Words: 1,166

Notes: written for [livejournal.com profile] elebridith. I hope you get to relax after that chaotic stressful day of yours! I very much hope you'll like this! <3

Harry had been rather elusive the last days and Perry found himself frowning more than usual because of it. )

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Title: Pink n' Tart, shaken
Pairing: Perry/ Harry
Rating/ Warnings: PG-13 maybe.
Words: 826

“You're looking bored. Why are you looking bored?” )
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Title: Trouble is My Business
Pairing: Perry/ Harry
Rating/ Warnings: h/c, PG-13 maybe.
Words: 1,412

Perry decided that he hated this. Not patching him up, but having to patch him up.  )
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Title: You can call me when the clocks hit midnight
Pairing: Paul Bettany/ Robert Downey Jr.
Rating/ Warnings: PG-13
Words: 667

Notes: Again with the tame, and it's really heavy on the dialogue, which you would expect from a phone fic. So I'll shut up now.

You make everything sound vaguely dirty. )
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Title: Voices
Pairing: Paul Bettany/ Robert Downey Jr
Rating/ Warnings: PG-13
Words: 1.248

Notes: Hey, it's pretty tame. I think. Just flirtations. You wouldn't believe the noises I made when I first heard Jarvis. And that was before that "Be gentle, it's my first time" scene! Anyway. Hiding now.

“Good thing I don't have a kink for all that “Sir” stuff or I'd be in real trouble,” Robert finally said. )
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To Wake a Sleeper, Angel/ Lindsey, 804 words.

Notes: "Sort of" sequel to Dream a Little Dream of Us, so I will now officially call this dream!verse and pretend it's not only to write smoopy scenes between these two.

“Do you dream about me?” “No,” Lindsey finally says quietly, “Go.” )
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Title: In Dark Woods, The Right Road Lost
Characters: Lindsey/Angel
Word Count: 8.594 words
Rating: R
Notes: This developed from a snipped I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] silme711. The boys just didn't want to leave it at the opening scene. She asked for wet, dirty and scared, and it turned into the longest h/c I've ever written. Comments are ♥

Lindsey runs. He stumbles and catches himself before crashing into the underwood. It's ungraceful, and he is not as quick as he would like to be, since he is wearing his damn office shoes, stupid Italian leather shoes with no profile whatsoever, just slippery soles, and his jacket gets caught on low hanging branches. )
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Detour, Angel/Lindsey, 1.998 words

Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] silme711 who prompted me with drunk!Lindsey, in a bar, falling asleep. Which turned out to be one hell of a fun prompt! It is probably not exactly what she had in mind. Since my other A/L is currently eating my brain, this one's lighthearted and (hopefully) fun. Comments are ♥

“Angel?” His voice is rough from sleep and whiskey and oh fuck, Angel tries to remember how to muster the anger he had felt earlier when he had taken the car to Lindsey's office to demand files for their latest case. He can't even remember what that case was about. )
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Title: A Soft Place to Fall
Word Count: 5,602
Pairing: Chris/ Steve
Summary: With the ranch hands being away for the weekend, the boys have some time to themselves.
Notes: More of the Cowboy!AU for Silme, who asked real nice for a sequel to Here. And since the story was long from being told, here it is. Comments are ♥

Chris was sitting on the fence and calling out to the ranch hands. )
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Title: Chicago
Pairing: Chris/ Jared
Rating/ Warnings: PG
Words: 730
Notes: for [livejournal.com profile] silme711

He wonders why he always gets this fucking drunk when they see each other. )


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