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Jeffrey walked into him in New York, because apparently New York was not too big for chance meetings. He did not even remember what party it was, or whose for that matter, or how he got the invite, but there he was, mingling and almost physically running into Robert.

Robert was wearing some sort of loose pants that looked like sweatpants but might have been denim, and when he turned they made a soft swishing noise that Jeff shouldn't have been able to catch with all the chatter and party noise around them. He found himself weirdly tuned in, as if everything was slightly amplified. Even in the dim light he noticed that the t-shirt Robert wore under his black suit jacket was dark blue, with some print, and yeah, maybe he was staring a little.

Jeff reached out and touched Robert at the right elbow, catching his attention.

“I know you,” Robert said and smiled.

He looked slightly up at Jeff, as if waiting for an explanation. Jeff licked his lips and rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand.

“Uh, listen,” he said.

Robert was still smiling, a little amused by now, and he waved off whoever he was talking to before, turning his attention back to Jeffrey.

“Do you wanna get some ice-cream,” Jeff asked.

Robert gave a little snort, and Jeff grinned.

“Yeah,” Robert then said, “Why not?”

They left right away, only stopping outside when Robert slowed down and got out his cigarettes. Jeffrey bummed on off him and then held out his lighter for Robert, watching the laugh lines around his eyes as he puffed, his face illuminated by the small flame.

“Ice-cream,” Robert repeated, laughing as if it was a joke and leaning into Jeffrey. “Where are you planning to get some at this hour?”

“Haven't planned this far,” Jeffrey said and took a drag of his cigarette. “Didn't know you'd be that easy.”

Robert laughed again.

“Normally, I like men with a plan,” he said and then shrugged, “But I'm making an exception for you. Lead the way.”

“Oh, I have a plan,” Jeffrey said, “As soon as we have the ice-cream.”

“Then we better find some quick, hmm?”

With Robert walking so close to him, Jeffrey couldn't agree more.


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