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written for [livejournal.com profile] merry_gentry in response to a prompt in [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic.

Val almost regretted having taken Robert out for coffee before the interview. But then again, there was time to spare, and part of him was amused by the display of caffeine addiction. It only figured that Robert had finished the double espresso shot first, preying the lid of his cup and eyeing the inside of it as if looking for a hole in the cup or something. Val had to bite his tongue not to make a remark. He knew that he probably had a telltale grin going anyway.

Robert pointed to Val's cup.

“You gonna drink that?”

“I'm not sure I should allow you any more coffee,” Val said. “I remember too clearly what happened the last time you had too much caffeine.”

Robert smirked and moved closer, nodding towards the paper cup Val was holding. Val held it a little higher and closer to his chest.

“You're not really trying to cut me off, are you,” Robert asked then and blinked at him, “If they will ask the same questions again – what was it like to kiss your co-star? - I will fall asleep.”

“That eyelash flutter isn't helping you get more coffee. It just looks twitchy.”
“Maybe you shouldn't keep me up all night then, honeybunny.”

It had been intended as a huff, but it really came out as laughter, and Val couldn't cover it up anymore. He passed the half-empty cup to Robert, who took a sip, managing to hide his triumphant grin just so.

“It's a little on the sweet side. What did you put in there?”
“Sugar?” Val suggested. “No, actually, it's their flavored syrup.”
“Ooh, sugar and caffeine, you sure about this?”

“Your funeral, buddy.”
“You'll be there too,” Robert singsonged.

Val almost regretted having let Robert have his Macchiato before the interview. It must have been the sugar, or maybe Robert had not been lying about getting too little sleep, but Val could not stop laughing, and at one point he simply stared at Robert and try to unhear what he had just heard. Brain bleach, he thought briefly, before Robert launched into the next impossible statement and Val realized that even if there was such a thing as brain bleach, he would need a gallon of it to make it through the interviews with Robert. It was then that Robert looked up and looked at him a little fondly, with a small smile, and the interviewer said his thanks and declared it a wrap, and Val swallowed.

“I hate how much I love you,” Val said. Everyone laughed and clapped, except Robert who was still looking at him like that, the grin spreading now.

“Aw, I know,” he said and turned to the press people, “He is such a sweet talker. I need to steal him away from you guys now, lest you try and keep him.”

Robert pulled him up and led him away by the elbow, until around the corner where he stopped as if he remembered something. He leaned up and kissed Val soundly on the cheek.

“That wasn't so bad, right? Let me buy you coffee.”

And Val had to agree that no, this wasn't so bad. This wasn't bad at all.
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