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Title: Chicago
Pairing: Chris/ Jared
Rating/ Warnings: PG
Words: 730
Notes: for [livejournal.com profile] silme711

He wonders why he always gets this fucking drunk when they see each other. Like his usual inhibitions are further minimized. Like he does not dare taking responsibility for any actions, no matter how minute. The brush of their legs together, the looks he knows he gives Jared, hot and steady, only blurred by the beers they had today. And Jared just throws his headback and laughs, drinks it all in, the touches, the gazes, making Chris think that he wouldn't say no if Chris tried something else.Chris pretends to be too drunk to try anything else.

The day Jared comes to the windy city is of course the day Chris gets his nose smashed in during a fight scene. Little too much to the right, the poor guy on the receiving end of the headbutt not backing off quickly enough and bam. Full collision and not with his forehead as intended. They've done this a million times without any contact at all, so it's beyond stupid, and Chris yells at John for fussing and asking whether the nose was broken or not because Chris damn well knows what a broken nose would feel like and that's not it. He makes it to the end of his shift, no way in hell is he making production half a day late just because he made one stupid mistake, but he still cusses all the way to his hotel room, the cool pad pressed firmly against his nose. He likes to pretend it's because he ruined one of the wardrobe shirts he actually liked, and was now on his way to ruining one of his own, but really, it's only because Jared will beat the hotel and Chris looks like shit.

Jared is already waiting for him when Chris walks through the lobby, and how did that happen, he was supposed to be here in two hours. Then it occurs toChris that he might have fucked up time differences again, but he can't remember from where Jared had been flying in, only that he is here now and his smile is currently being replaced by a worried frown.

“It's alright,” he mumbles by way of greeting, “looks worse than it is.”

Jared probably can't even really see the damage Chris is hiding behind the cool pad, so he gently reaches for Chris' hand and pulls it down.

“Ouch,” Jared says. “That means we'll stay in, right?”

He knows it shouldn't be his first reaction to be glad about the nose bleed and the current state of his headache, but Jared grins at him, wide and happy, and leads him to the elevator.

They are on their third beer by now, Jared lies on his back on the bed and stares at the ceiling.

“How's the face,” he asks and Chris laughs.
“I'll live,” he says instead of the stupid reply he had on his tongue.

Chris shifts to the left and their legs touch again.

“Chris,” Jared says.

“What,” Chris says, because what was he to say? He isn't backing off, this feels nice, nice enough to forget the stupid day. He flops down on the bed, looking at the ceiling too, trying to find what's so damn special about it.

Their legs touch all the way now, Chris' left and Jared's right, and this is really nice.

“Chris,” Jaredsays again, a little more urgently, and Chris grunts a reply and closes his eyes. The mattress dips, and suddenly Jared breathes close to his neck. Chris opens his eyes again, just to see what's going on. Jared smiles.

“You fucker,” Jared then says, “All that attitude and it gets me where? Nowhere, Mr Too Shy To Make the First Move.” And he brings their mouths together just like that.

“That's Mr “I Thought You Weren't interested” to you, smartass,” Chris says as soon as Jared pulls back.

“Like hell. Been pawing you for ages.”
“You did?”
“Duh. I flew to Chicago on my fucking break, leaving Jensen in sunny LA to fend for himself. How's that for interested?”
“Yeah,” Chris says and pulls him into another kiss.
Jared straddles him, and grins down at him.

“Now, do I need to go gentle because of your not really broken nose?”


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