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Title: those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft
Pairing: RDJ/ Jude Law
Rating: PG-13
Words: 738

Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] igrab who asked for anything Hamlet. Title taken from Act 5, Scene 1.

Jude collapsed into the chair and stared at the ceiling of his dressing room. He knew Robert had been in the audience, as per invite and after entirely too little persuasion, but with all the lightning directed at the stage he had not been able to make out anyone. The whole theatre was reduced to a dark mass, the people watching only visible after the last curtain, when they all went on stage again for their bow and the lights in the auditorium came on. And even then, the excitement of it all, still each show, not only the first ones, almost gave him vertigo, the audience not vanishing into darkness but a bright swirl of colour. He reckoned that the whole point of theatre was not that the cast watched the audience, but he still would have loved to catch a glimpse of Robert.

A quick glance at his watch, still lying on the desk in front of the mirror, confirmed that he had about five more minutes before Robert would barge in, but instead of scraping the make up off his face and changing his clothes, Jude closed his eyes. Tonight, the three hours of the play had felt like at least five, and if Jude was completely honest with himself, all he wanted was crawl into bed and sleep twelve hours. Or fifteen.

Robert did not knock, just burst in, and Jude opened one eye just in time to see Robert smile and holding out his arms.

“You were fantastic,” he said, “Is it save to hug you or will all that make up come off on my jacket?”

He wrapped Jude in a tight hug before he received his answer, and Jude laughed into the crook of Robert's neck.

“It's theatre make up,” Jude said after having been released, “It's indestructible. You can put me in a shower and nothing will happen to it.”

Robert looked at him for a moment, head slightly cocked and brow furrowed.

“It's true,” Jude laughed when Robert checked the lapel of his dark blue suit jacket.

“So, what do you want to do,” Robert asked, “Go for a drink? I heard some of the guys wanted to grab a beer.”

“Um,” Jude said and left it at that. He reached out for Robert, pulling him into a kiss.

“Ah,” Robert said, “Kisses, couch and take away, then.”

Jude grinned. “That's scary, don't do that.”

“What, read your mind? But I like your mind.”

Robert grinned back at Jude, who was peering at him from his chair, waiting.

“Well,” he then said with a sigh, “Since you are that terribly sleepy, I guess I can sleep over, so there will be lazy morning sex. At least.”

Robert kissed Jude again, slowly, and then lingered, still drawing lazy circles with his left thumb on Jude's neck, his right hand resting on Jude's shoulder.
“I guess you could,” Jude said.

There was a smile tugging at his mouth and he thought that it was ridiculous how happy he was at this moment, even though he was sweaty and disgusting with all that thick make up on and even though he could have fallen asleep in an instant, and the dressing room smelled like all dressing rooms in theatres did, somewhat cold and dusty and like powder and anxiety.

“So we have a deal,” Robert mumbled.

“If the take away's Indian, then yes,” Jude said, and there was really no way of resisting the smile any longer, not with Robert smiling at him like that and holding out his hand to help Jude out of his seat. Jude did not curtsey, just slipped on his jacket once he was standing, but it was a close call, and only prevented because Robert wrapped an arm around his waist and drew him close to kiss him once more.

It was funny, Jude thought, that he once had believed he would never kissed that man and now had lost count of the times that he kissed him.

“You still have to shower before I let you crawl into bed.”
“Well, we could share.”
“See, I knew I liked your mind for a reason.”

It really was ridiculous. But Jude couldn't bring himself to care.


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