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Title: Three Songs
Pairing: RDJ/ Jude Law
Words: 705

Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] silme711 who requested a Christmassy Robert/ Jude in my "Stories instead of Christmas Cards" poll. <3

He was on maybe his third list of he did not know how many, and this one listed toys and the occasional clothing item. He had thrown out the list with the addresses for Christmas cards days ago, because really, what did he think when he had compiled it? There never was any time at all for old fashioned cards and he'd be lucky to find the time to send emails to the bunch of people he could not be with during the Season. He glanced at the list and nodded at the shop keeper, who was telling him about some new book that might be of interest. Jude was pretty sure there was a book list somewhere as well, with both recommended books and wished-for books, but there were currently three bags slung around his left wrist, and the cell in the inside pocket of his coat started to ring again, so he just nodded once more and held up a hand in apology and the shop keeper put the book on top of the already ridiculous high pile of things that Jude was about to pay for eventually. And worse: drag to his car.

“Hullo,” he said into the phone, squinting in concentration while trying to not drop his bags and listening to the caller at the same time, which due to the amount of Christmas carols over speakers and excited shoppers was harder than it should have been.

It was Robert who rather breathlessly sung something suspiciously sounding like Sleigh Ride without even saying hello and then hung up on him after the bit with the giddy up and Jude did not know what to think, so he laughed until he shop keeper looked at him funnily.

Jude could not get the song out of his head for the rest of the day.


There was flour on the table and in Rudy's hair and in his hair and he did not even know how it had ended up there, but it had. They were on the fourth batch and Iris still managed to roll the dough so they could cut out even more cookies and Jude thought that as much as he loved kids and cookies and Christmas, three blasted trays of cookies should be enough and he might need to discreetly lose the star shaped cookie cutter so there would be more Christmas tree shaped ones. Not that he really cared at this point.

When the phone rang, he rushed over and picked it up without thinking, leaving dough prints all over and silently cursing because of it.


This time, it was Winter Wonderland, and Jude laughed before Robert managed to get to a beautiful sight.

“Don't hang up,” he shouted into the phone, “Don't hang up on me again, you crazy bastard.”

But Robert did and Jude pressed redial and took the phone into the kitchen with him.


By the time everything was cleared away and everyone except him was in bed, he was lying on the couch and trying to sum up enough energy to get up and into bed. Instead, he swung up his legs and adjusted the sofa cushion until lying there felt pretty nice, actually. He reached for the phone.

Robert picked up, and, having looked at the caller ID, something Jude almost never managed, greeted him with a simple “Jude.” Jude could still hear the smile.

“Play me that one song,” Jude requested, closing his eyes and listening to Robert walked through the living room.

“I need to put the phone down,” Robert then said quitely and before Jude could answer, there was the sound of hard plastic on polished wood and not ten seconds later the clear crisp notes of the piano drifted over the line. He did not even know how Robert knew which song to play; but the intro sounded both perfectly familiar and still had some jazzy feel to it, and when Robert started the first verse, he did not sing along, just continued to play in that way, all soft curly notes and warmth.

“Please have snow and mistletoe,” Jude sang along softly, “And presents by the tree.”

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