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Title: Pink n' Tart, shaken
Pairing: Perry/ Harry
Rating/ Warnings: PG-13 maybe.
Words: 826

“Huh,” Harry asked and looked from the drink Perry had placed next to his elbow to Perry himself, all in barkeeper clothes, black pants, black t-shirt, white towel hanging from his belt. Harry wet his lips with his tongue and took the drink, something pink Perry had mixed especially for Harry, and had decorated with one of those tiny paper umbrellas just to spite him. He had chosen a green one to clash with the hot pink straw. Harry stared at the arrangement.

“We're at a strip club,” Perry hissed, “You should be wide-eyed with your tongue on the floor, yet you are not.”
“I'm working,” Harry mumbled around his straw, sipping. “Hey, this is kind of good.”

Perry rolled his eyes.

“You're an idiot.”
“What are you mad about now?”

Perry turned and cleaned two glasses while Harry watched him.

“You're good at this,” Harry said.
“Shut up and keep your eyes on the mark.”
“Are you mad because I'm not drooling over the girls?”

Perry pretended to think about it for a moment, before finding that he indeed had to think about it.

“No,” he said. “Now get to work. I don't want to be stuck here mixing drinks all night.”

“That guy just gave you a twenty dollar tip,” Harry said.

“Probably because he likes my face so much. Can you maybe watch the mark now and not me?”

Harry made a sound and turned again. He was leaning against the bar now, looking to the stage where a girl was currently hanging upside down on the pole, supported only by her legs.

“Ah,” Harry said, “The mark is moving.”

“Don't follow him,” Perry said, but when he looked up, Harry was already gone.

Perry found him again in the small hallway leading to the kitchen, hand on his cheek and staring at their mark. Something was wrong about his posture, and Perry could feel the dread curl in his stomach, slowly, like a snake.

“Is there a problem, Sir?” Perry asked, addressing no one in particular.

Harry turned and had that deer in headlights look on his face, a fresh cut on his cheek, and Perry knew he would regret it if he slammed their mark into the wall, but his body was moving as if on its own until he was successfully shielding Harry. He stared down at their mark, and the guy paled a little.

“You should go,” Perry said, and the guy probably heard the threat in his voice, because he turned without a word and left.

“I'm sorry,” Harry said as soon as their mark was gone, “I'm sorry. I just... he turned and hit me one, and... that's when you showed up and...”

“Shut up,” Perry said gently.

He lifted Harry's chin and looked at the cut.

“It's not so bad. I'll clean it up at home.”
“Sorry. I fucked it up.”

“You idiot,” Perry said without heat. He didn't know what else to say. Harry looked at him funnily, as if he was really relieved, and Perry could not think of anything else but 'Let's go home.' Then he saw the little green umbrella, folded up, sticking out of the breast pocket of Harry's jacket.

“You...” Perry started. He was not going to get his hopes up.

Harry followed his gaze and then laughed.

“Told you that drink was kind of good.” He took the paper umbrella out of his pocket and opened and closed it. “I didn't even know they had these things at strip clubs!”

Perry was in Harry's personal space, but Harry did not seem to mind. Harry never minded. Harry never took a step back, nor one forward, but that was alright; he never discouraged anything or encouraged it, and Perry felt, for the first time in God knows how long, a little insecure. Harry had not even made comments about the girls, who were very cute, even Perry could acknowledge that. He had just looked at Perry for most of the night, as he was now, and Perry looked down at him and took a step closer.

“Let's go home,” Perry finally said, and Harry placed a hand on Perry's chest, as if needing Perry to keep balance. Perry did not think, but kissed him on the head, right into that soft hair, and before Perry could feel the slightest bit of panic rising at such a stupid move, Harry leaned closer and wrapped his arms around Perry's middle. Maybe it wasn't a stupid move, because Harry tilted his head up, and when they kissed, Perry could taste the grenadine and the vodka of that silly drink. Perry was pretty sure it was better than good, but he kept that thought to himself.
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